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What is AgTech?

AgTech is technology used in agriculture.  More specifically, it refers to new and emerging technologies that can help to transform agricultural production and connected functions. After a period of stagnation...

Why 2020 is going to be amazing (and really full-on)

I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity: 8 weeks to travel the world researching a topic that really interests me.  As I wrote in this article  I’m a strong believer that...

Intro: Fascinating Soils!

Lately, I’ve spent a long time thinking, reading, watching & learning about soils.  I’m organising a conference on this topic, and the transition from soils newbie to conference agenda shaper (thank you...

Part 3: Innovation & Opportunity in Soil

Right now, innovation around soils has momentum.  Despite important gaps in scientific understanding, a combination of environmental concerns, farmers' hunger for guidance and the impatience of entrepreneurial innovation means there's no waiting...
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The monologue … on glyphosate

My view on an agriculture topic in popular culture. Today's topic: why glyphosate is actually OK.
Why Agritech entrepreneurship matters

The Importance of Start-ups in Agriculture

Entrepreneurship transforms industries, societies and cultures.  Everywhere we turn can see aspects of our lives shaped directly or indirectly by people who dedicated themselves to taking entrepreneurial risk.  Frequently they do this in the...

Part 2: Soil Barriers

If soils are so important, why aren’t we falling over ourselves to improve them?  My guess is that, generally, it's not ignorance or lack of concern.  More likely it’s because the reality...

Part 1: Soils Primer – what’s the matter and why does it matter?

Lately, I’ve spent a long time thinking, reading, watching & learning about soils, and I've gone from marginally interested to fascinated.  Here's my introduction to why soils are so important.

New Zealand, ag-tech & accelerators

This week I’ve been New Zealand, visiting plant breeders, seed producers and researchers.  It gave me chance to reflect on what makes New Zealand such a powerhouse in agricultural technology.

Gene editing & entrepreneurship

Gene Editing (GE) is a catch-all term for a new suite of breeding techniques to change the genome of an organism using precision methods.  It promises faster and cheaper introduction of of...

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