Milk Marvel: SomaDetect

Innovating AgTech Episode 1 | Why do we Need AgTech?

Innovating AgTech · Epsiode 1 Innovating AgTech - Why Do We Need AgTech? Hannah Senior:...

Preparing for a ‘protein transition’

Why is the UK so protein insecure, and what would it take to grow more here? This article explains.

Innovating with a Horticultural Leader: Juliet Ansell of Zespri

The connection between New Zealand and the Actinidia genus is deep. The name Kiwi, derived from the beloved native bird, is also...

What the Crowd Brings to AgTech

Ben Honan of Climate KIC talks about the role of Crowd Funding for companies that aim to combine both profit and purpose


Agritech, or Agtech, encompasses everything from better ways to handle pig slurry to using satellite data to measure crop growth.

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What is AgTech?

AgTech is technology used in agriculture.  More specifically, it refers to new and emerging technologies that can help to transform agricultural production and...

Gene editing & entrepreneurship

Gene Editing (GE) is a catch-all term for a new suite of breeding techniques to change the genome of an organism using...

Part 1: Soils Primer – what’s the matter and why does it matter?

Lately, I’ve spent a long time thinking, reading, watching & learning about soils, and I've gone from marginally interested to fascinated.  Here's...

Part 3: Innovation & Opportunity in Soil

Right now, innovation around soils has momentum.  Despite important gaps in scientific understanding, a combination of environmental concerns, farmers' hunger for guidance...