What is AgTech?

AgTech is technology used in agriculture.  More specifically, it refers to new and emerging technologies that can help to transform agricultural production and...

Why 2020 is going to be amazing (and really full-on)

I’ve been offered an amazing opportunity: 8 weeks to travel the world researching a topic that really interests me. 

Intro: Fascinating Soils!

Lately, I’ve spent a long time thinking, reading, watching & learning about soils.  I’m organising a conference on this topic, and the...

Part 3: Innovation & Opportunity in Soil

Right now, innovation around soils has momentum.  Despite important gaps in scientific understanding, a combination of environmental concerns, farmers' hunger for guidance...


Agritech, or Agtech, encompasses everything from better ways to handle pig slurry to using satellite data to measure crop growth.

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Let Them Eat Lettuce

Blog post excerpt: A lot of money has gone into Vertical Farming. The problem, at least right now, is that the economics just don’t stack up.

Gene editing & entrepreneurship

Gene Editing (GE) is a catch-all term for a new suite of breeding techniques to change the genome of an organism using...

2020 A year full of surprises

2020 has been a year of many challenges for all. CoronaVirus led to many cancelations in the year's plans; however, opened opportunities as innovations through business and Agtech became more vital than ever. This blog highlights my personal experiences throughout this year.

Make hay if the sun shines

It’s is pretty ancient advice.  But what if you knew that the sun was going to shine all week and you could safely do...