What is VC?

Exploring the origins of Venture Capital, its role in Silicon Valley & in entrepreneurship more widely, and sets the scene for VC's involvement in AgTech.

2020 A year full of surprises

2020 has been a year of many challenges for all. CoronaVirus led to many cancelations in the year's plans; however, opened opportunities as innovations through business and Agtech became more vital than ever. This blog highlights my personal experiences throughout this year.

Let Them Eat Lettuce

Blog post excerpt: A lot of money has gone into Vertical Farming. The problem, at least right now, is that the economics just don’t stack up.

Breedr: Ian Wheal’s Farming Foundations

Ian from Breedr is a great example of a “Farming Foundations” AgTech entrepreneur –bringing together an upbringing in farming and a career spent elsewhere to change how things are done.


Agritech, or Agtech, encompasses everything from better ways to handle pig slurry to using satellite data to measure crop growth.

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Vertical Farming – After the Excitement, the Opportunity.

This follow on post explores the current economic difficulties; and future solutions which could lead to a profitable innovative market. This could be the way forward in relation to pathogen control, reduced wastage (due to just in time manufacturing) and the possibility of more ethically grown produce. It is clear that the foundations for indoor agriculture are taking hold and the future possibilities and increasing innovation are very hopeful, sustainable, and will likely provide solutions to problems of the future.
Why Agritech entrepreneurship matters

The Importance of Start-ups in Agriculture

Entrepreneurship transforms industries, societies and cultures.  Everywhere we turn can see aspects of our lives shaped directly or indirectly by people who dedicated...

Part 3: Innovation & Opportunity in Soil

Right now, innovation around soils has momentum.  Despite important gaps in scientific understanding, a combination of environmental concerns, farmers' hunger for guidance...

Demystifying Al in Agriculture

I thoroughly enjoy Chairing the Crop Health and Protection Advisory Group. This recent interview, reproduced with permission from CHAP, shares my thoughts on the...